Timber decking design Poole

Are you thinking about redesigning your garden? Would you like an area of your garden space that is available all year round? Then you are in luck! At Peter Killer Landscape Designs, our team will create a bespoke timber decking design Poole homeowners living near you will be jealous of for years to come.

Poole timber decking design ideas Timber decking design Poole

When you choose Peter Killer Landscape Designs to complete your Poole timber decking design, you will receive the highest-quality timber available. We create beautiful timber decking that is useable throughout the year and non-dependent on the weather. The timber that we use is called Southern Yellow Pine Structural Timber, and it is the perfect combination of solidity and attractiveness in appearance. Every fibre of each timber plank has been specially treated to last for decades, from the top layer through to its core.

Therefore, our timber decking design Poole specialist team can promise that your new decking area will last for over 40 years. Our timber is impervious to rot and insect attacks, making it the most durable timber on the market.

Our beautiful timber decking

Achieve luxury, relaxing areas in your home garden with our outstanding Poole timber decking design and installation process.  Every timber decking design we create is bespoke to the individual and their garden. We know that gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and every homeowner has different tastes and style preferences. Therefore, we work with you to create a timber decking design in Poole that you are 100% happy with before we go ahead and start the construction process.

Every Southern Yellow Pine Structural Timber panel is unique due to the patina of the wood. In addition to designing the exact shape and size of your timber decking, you can also add supplement features to be included. You can choose to have seats, balustrades, steps and even a cantilever added to the construction of your Poole timber decking design.

More information about Peter Killen Landscape Designs

Peter Killen Landscape Designs has been a leading timber decking design in Poole company since our launch in the 1980s. We have designed and created thousands of gardens for property owners that are always successful and make the most of the space available. Peter Killer is a respected authority in the landscaping and design industry, and he currently tutors RHS Wisley Diploma students in their landscape course. That is not all; Peter Killer has personally built decks that are featured all around England.

Our timber decking design Poole company is incredibly popular with Local Authorities and Borough Councils in and around Poole. Over the years, we have designed, fabricated and installed beautiful decks in the following areas:

  • Christchurch Harbour
  • Poole Harbour
  • Overlooking Weymouth Olympic sailing centre
  • Overlooking Chesil beach from Portland
  • Overlooking Bournemouth Gardens
  • In the Chines near Camford Cliffs

Our timber decking design gallery

View our gallery and check out the projects that our timber decking design in Poole team have completed over the years.

Receive the best timber decking with Peter Killen Landscape Designs

For your free quote and to take the first step in achieving a stunning timber decking design Poole feature in your garden, call Peter Killen Landscape Designs today on 01425 475160.